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Ion Propulsion Drone at The UAV Expo

MIAMI, JULY 30, 2021 – Undefined Technologies Corp, a Florida-based tech startup, will present its first-of-its-kind silent eVTOL drone powered by ion propulsion at the Commercial UAV Expo Americas, the world largest tradeshow for professionals integrating commercial UAS. With over 125+ top vendors, this three-day event will be held in Las Vegas on September 7-9, 2021.

“We are very excited to welcome in-person all industry leaders, investors, engineers, journalists in our booth #1111 to display a demo product and discuss commercial opportunities of using ion propulsion drones for various supply chain activities, overcoming noise restrictions for last-mile delivery,” says Tomas Pribanic, Founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies.

Three years ago, Pribanic vowed to find a way of using ion propulsion in atmospheric conditions, with ‘unprecedented’ levels of thrust, 3X more than existing ion thruster technologies. The fully electric AirTantrum™ technology, with minimum noise impact and zero carbon emissions, uses innovative physics principles to generate noise levels below 70 decibels, overcoming noise restrictions for last-mile delivery.

This year, Pribanic and his team had a successful first mission flight of a drone powered by ion propulsion and recently closed its Seed Funding round to accelerate the development and commercialization of the technology. Early next year, Undefined Technologies is going to launch its Series A funding to engage in the next phase and address necessary issues to improve the technology further.

The newest generation drone technology will inevitably affect industries vertically and horizontally across sectors, enhancing the addressable market dramatically. According to recent reports, the global drone market will double to more than $40 billion by 2025.


Undefined Technologies representatives will be available at the booth #1111 for additional inquiries and in-booth presentations throughout the event. Free exhibit hall passes are available for our guests. To get a unique registration link, make an appointment in advance, or to schedule an interview with Tomas Pribanic, Founder & CEO, please contact:

Yulia Strokova

Marketing & Communications

+1 (786) 505-2283

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