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MIAMI, JANUARY 31, 2023 – Undefined Technologies, a Florida-based startup, has been selected as one of six aerospace finalists of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, a world-renowned deep-tech competition dedicated to accelerating innovations to solve some of our most pressing environmental and societal challenges. Tomas A. Pribanic, Undefined Technologies Founder & CEO, will be presenting its silent ion propulsion drone on the Deep Tech Pioneers Stage on March 9, 2023, in Paris, France.

"We were thrilled to learn about this recognition and opportunity to showcase our breakthrough innovation in France at an event with large aerospace event partners such as Safran and previous winners in the VTOL space, Lilium Jet," says Tomas A. Pribanic. “We also applaud French authority efforts to combat the ill effects of urban noise pollution and appreciate the interest in our innovation aimed to make our environment less noisy and our skies quieter.”

Undefined Technologies projects its silent drone to be a significant component of the “last mile delivery” solution, which will be critical to comply with regulatory noise requirements for drones operating in urban areas and prevent community backlash from drone noise pollution. According to CB Insights, autonomous last-mile delivery is expected to be a $41.77B market by 2027.

Undefined Technologies’ development, Silent Ventus™, generates a minimal acoustic signature with dual-use cases, including surveillance and urban last-mile delivery. In September 2022, the firm's aircraft completed a critical test flight hitting its projected time and lifting power. That is the first-ever sustained, controlled flight of an ion-assisted powered craft at earth's atmosphere and gravity.

The core element of the aircraft is the so-called "Ion Booster," which augments the ion cloud to yield higher levels of thrust, of over 150%, compared to current ion thruster technologies. The "Ion booster" creates a technical and commercial opportunity for ion thrusters to become a viable option for electric propulsion in atmospheric air.

The company has already demonstrated having the infrastructure and the talent to bring the eVTOL craft into commercialization for dual-use applications. It aims to develop a production-ready serial drone in 2024. After receiving strong interest from Federal and Commercial entities, Undefined Technologies is posed to start a new funding round later this year.


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