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MIAMI, MARCH 9, 2022 – Undefined Technologies, a Florida-based tech startup, will present its first-of-its-kind silent eVTOL drone at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL, the world's premier event for unmanned systems and autonomy, annually attracting thousands of industry leaders to take a glimpse into the future and strike up new partnerships.

This year the most prominent and longest-running UVS conference and exposition will take place in Orlando, FL, and convene innovators for four days of keynotes speakers, and networking events. The focused theme is 'Autonomy Meets Society' to dive deeper into the intersection between technologies and its community impact at large.

"This year's topic of the conference perfectly reflects our mission and vision. The noise-pollution concern of urban cargo delivery drones is a major pain-point needed mitigation to increase community acceptance of our sector," says Tomas Pribanic, Founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies. "We are very excited to showcase our breakthrough innovation and welcome in person all attending industry leaders, investors, and journalists to our booth #1036."

The company is determined to bring-to-market the eVTOL silent drone powered by ion propulsion. In December 2021, the aircraft completed a major milestone achieving a significant increase in lifting power and mission time. The all-electric technology uses innovative physics principles, making it viable to use ion propulsion in atmospheric conditions with superior performance compared to existing ion thruster technologies. Undefined Technologies continues to exceed milestones objectives in the path to achieve longer flight times with noise levels below 70 decibels, overcoming noise restrictions for the last-mile cargo delivery sector.

Undefined Technologies projects its silent drone to be a significant component of the “last mile delivery” solution which will be critical to comply with existing and upcoming regulatory noise requirements to drones operating in urban areas. According to CB Insights, autonomous last-mile delivery is expected to be a $41.77B market by 2027.


Undefined Technologies representatives will be available at the Startup XCELERATOR Pavilion, booth #1036 for additional inquiries and in-booth presentations throughout the event. Complimentary exhibit hall passes are available for our guests. To get a unique registration link or to make an appointment in advance, please contact:

Yulia Strokova

Marketing & Communications

+1 (786) 505-2283

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