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Undefined Technologies Expands Advisory Board to Bolster Business Agility and Market Validation

MIAMI, 7 February, 2022. Undefined Technologies, a venture-backed startup developing a silent drone, expanded its Advisory Board with a new appointment. Mr. Hans Hickler, seasoned executive, social entrepreneur, and global startup coach, brings over 25 years of international experience in transportation, supply chain, and logistics.

“As we develop or the deployment strategies our ion propulsion technology in the autonomous delivery market sector, advisory insights play an integral and strategic role in propelling our growth strategy,” said Tomas Pribanic, Founder & CEO of Undefined Technologies. “Hans is an exceptional, authentic leader with an impressive track record in senior executive leadership positions across global companies such as DHL Express, APL, and Agility Logistics. With his wealth of knowledge, business acumen, and social impact passion, I believe he will define new growth drivers to strategize our stakeholder’s engagement and expand our funding opportunities.”

The company is determined to bring to market the eVTOL silent drone powered by ion propulsion. In December, its aircraft prototype completed a major test flight achieving significant increases in lifting power and mission time. The fully electric technology uses innovative physics principles, making it viable to use ion propulsion in atmospheric conditions with superior performance compared to existing ion thruster technologies. Undefined Technologies continues to exceed milestones in the path to achieve longer flight times with noise levels below 70 decibels, overcoming noise restrictions for the last-mile cargo delivery sector.

The company’s fully electric drone with no propellers sparked a surge of interest at Manifest: The Future of Logistics, a global gathering taken place on January 25-27, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. As an invited speaker, Tomas Pribanic delivered a presentation covering the current challenges driving the need to mitigate drone noise. The company projects its silent drone to be a significant component of the “last mile delivery” solution which will be critical to comply with existing and upcoming regulatory measures applicable to drone noise in urban areas. According to CB Insights, autonomous last-mile delivery is expected to be a $41.77B market by 2027.

“The Silent Propulsion technology being developed at Undefined Technologies has the potential to become a critical necessity in the supply chain sector using drone for last-mile cargo delivery services. The technology creates tremendous value for our industry and the communities around us. During this exciting time of growth for the unmanned systems industry, I look forward to contributing in building a strong market-based foundation for the company and working with Tomas and his highly-dedicated team to make the most of the coming years,” adds Hans.


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